Computer Weekly article: who needs hybrid cloud object storage?

For my series of explainer articles for Computer Weekly, I’m looking next at hybrid cloud object storage

This is part of a wider trend towards hybrid cloud functionality. The article sets out to cover:

* What is object storage and how has it become suited to hybrid cloud operations? (Here we have the emergence of object storage/S3 in the cloud and its convergence with on-prem object storage products)

* What are the benefits of hybrid cloud object storage? What use cases does it suit?

* What are the key ways of deploying hybrid cloud object storage?

* Who are the key vendors in the space, and the key attributes of their offering

As with previous articles in this series, we won’t be using direct quotes from vendors, but we are happy to have vendors’ input into the points above. For the vendor section, it’s really helpful if you can state the service the vendor offers, backed with links to analyst or other ratings.

For this piece we’ll also consider case studies to explain how hybrid cloud object storage is being used.

Deadline for initial submissions of ideas: 1700 GMT, Tuesday 6th March.