New commission: Key cloud storage vendors

My next feature for Computer Weekly will look at the key storage vendors’ cloud offerings.

We’ll be profiling the offerings of key enterprise storage vendors, but I’m looking for input from analysts or consultants on the general trends in cloud storage including:

• Where the market for storage products heading?
• What’s driving the market?
• What are the key cloud platforms and are there any significant differences between them?
• What kinds of workloads are these products good for?
• What are their limitations?
• What obstacles stand in the way of further progress?
• What should customers watch out for if considering cloud storage products like these?

Please note I’m not looking for comment from cloud storage vendors themselves at this stage.

If you have an expert who would like to comment on the above points, please send over their details no later than 1700 BST, Friday 13th July. The best way to make contact is by email.