Updated: Speaking opportunities: Infosecurity Magazine, December 2016


I have added two further sessions where we are looking for speakers. Audience is shown for each. Once again, speakers can be academics, consultants, analysts or CIOs and CISOs (but not, sadly, security technology vendors).

6 DEC 2016, 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST
A Million Analysts Won’t Save Your SOC: The Future of Security Operations

We have a space for a speaker from the IT security industry for this session on Tues 6 Sept.

Please note this is for a North American audience.

Security teams are struggling under the strain of increasing cybersecurity threats, rapid growth of security alerts, and the sheer limits of analysts’ ability to respond.

Whilst they acknowledge the need for a greater focus on response rather than detection and accept breaches are going to happen, how security teams respond will determine the effectiveness in mitigating damage.

However, many organizations are also strained to breaking point. CISOs recognize they cannot throw more manpower at the challenge, so SOC teams need to rethink traditional approaches. Instead, they require an infrastructure which is able to scale, integrate multiple data sources, and effectively leverage orchestration and automation with the skills of trained security analysts.

In this webinar we will examine:

Shortcomings of the traditional SOC
Skills Shortages facing the modern Security Teams
How best to meld automation and human intervention
How to maximize productivity across the SOC
What is the difference between automation and orchestration and how best can analysts leverage automation.

If you are interested in talking part, please contact me by email – by 12 noon 21 November.

15 DEC 2016, 15:00 GMT, 10:00 EST (EMEA audience)
Going Deep and Dark: Mining Threat Intelligence from the Hidden Web

Scratch the surface of the public internet and you’ll quickly descend into the world of the deep and dark web. A place where secrets, malware and exploits are traded might not be a place where corporate teams want to tread.

However, the dark web holds a wealth of threat intelligence which, when put in the right context, can help organizations bolster their security.

By monitoring the hidden web for mentions of your brand or your industry, it is possible to pick up advanced notice of threats and exploits before they become an uncontrollable risk, but how do legitimate security officers mine the dark and deep webs safely, combine with technical intelligence from other sources, and use these data to their advantage?

In this webinar we’ll look at:

The security intelligence hidden on the dark web
Ways to monitor and mine below the surface web for information
Ways of feeding dark web information into other threat intelligence
How to turn threat intelligence and threat hunting into tools the business can use to improve its security stance.

15 DEC 2016, 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST (US audience)
Hunting 101 – Back to Basics: Implementing a Proactive Cyber Hunting Approach

Threat hunting is one of the hottest topics in cyber security right now. And in the right hands, threat hunting is a significant weapon in the IT security arsenal, helping organizations to identify adversaries and the risks they pose.

But IT security teams also need to know how to respond to the threats they find, and how to separate intelligence they can act on from the background noise.

In this webinar we will examine:

What is hunting and why it is important
How the hunting role differs from other roles in IT Security
How to start hunting now, no matter the size or maturity of your security program
How to integrate threat hunting with other security tools, and how to explain its value to the board.

For both of these sessions, expressions of interest should reach me by Thurs, 24 November, 1700 GMT.

Many thanks!