Speaking opportunity: Infosecurity Magazine webinar, 20 Oct 2016

We’re looking for two external speakers for the webinar below, which will be at 1500 BST on Thurs, 20 October.

Preference will be given to end users – i.e. CIOs, CISOs and other IT security practitioners (this session is not open to vendor speakers).

The synopsis below is provisional at this stage, but should give a reasonable guide as to content. But if you have any queries, do please contact me.

Many thanks


Provisional outline: Can Good Security Help Build Business Agility?

Until recently, security was seen as the department that just says no. Even now, in some organizations the security team is seen as a barrier to more flexible ways of doing business.

The current lack of visibility into network activity certainly can hamper business agility, and outdated or overly complex security measures are a barrier to productivity, and to adopting new technologies.

Can organizations turn this on its head, and instead use security intelligence to gain insights and to connect, unite and enable business processes? In this webinar we will look at:

  • SIEM’s role in enabling the speed of detection and response to modern-day threats
  • Implementing a security strategy that protects company assets and contributes to business objectives
  • How SIEM can provide faster access to the right data, enabling better decision making and increasing productivity
  • How to modernize the SOC with big-picture visibility and actionable intelligence.