Upcoming article: Buying a business to disrupt a market

For my series for Virgin Media Business, I’m doing one final piece this year on the theme of disruption.

Buying a business to disrupt a market

The feature will examine how acquiring disruptive businesses is one way established firms can themselves become disruptors, and indeed secure their survival.

The focus is how acquiring a business can help the purchaser to disrupt a market. These are part of a series called Four Approaches to Disruption, so we need to be referring to how acquisition can be an aid to creating disruption. The peg for it is Facebook buying Oculus, but we’re keen to include UK examples too.

It would be good to hear the reasons for the acquisition – technology, R&D people, ideas, access to the market… and why acquisition was the best route to bring in these attributes.

For the piece I’d like to speak to:

– independent business advisers, experts and academics
– companies that have acquired a disruptor business, or a business with the potential to disrupt a market
– founders or owners of acquired businesses, who can comment on the process ‘from the inside’

Any expressions of interest should be with me by 1700 GMT, Wednesday 7th December. Please send an email with your pitch or background.