Upcoming article: Storage 101: Unstructured Data

Computer Weekly is running a series of articles looking at the basics of storage technology.

For November, I’ll be writing about unstructured data, and how businesses go about storing them. Unstructured data has enormous potential, but conventional storage systems can struggle.

In the piece we’ll look at:

• What is unstructured data?

• What types of applications create unstructured data

• What types of unstructured data are emerging currently?

How does unstructured information differ, at a technical level, from structured data?

• What are the I/O requirements of the different types of unstructured data?

• What type(s) of storage do they need?

• To what extent can the cloud be used for unstructured data?

• What are the pros and cons of cloud vs on-site storage for unstructured data?

• What are the key storage products/product categories/vendors that are available as storage for unstructured data?

This is not an exhaustive list. The goal of the piece is to give IT and business managers a reference guide for unstructured data projects. I’m keen to include real-world examples and information on what vendors are doing in the space.

Deadline for leads is Wednesday, 24 October, 1700 BST. Strictly email only please to [email protected] with the subject: CW Storage 101: unstructured data