Upcoming article: The impact of edge data and IOT on enterprise storage

I am researching the following article for Computer Weekly:

The rise of data produced by the internet of things and other data created at the edge of enterprises has a deep impact on data storage.

No longer does the centralised, shared model of data storage fit with the data that is being produced.

So, what are businesses doing with the data they produce in these contexts in terms of storage?

And what impact is that having on storage architectures, their use of local and centralised storage, their use of the cloud?

The article will cover:

  • The areas of activity driving this phenomenon (IoT, machine learning, video surveillance etc).
  • The types of data created by the above.
  • What happens to those different kinds of data?
  • What impact does that have on storage?
  • Where is it stored?
  • How long for?
  • With what level of integrity, need to be searchable, analysable etc?

There is scope within the article for end-user interviews or examples and commentary from analysts and other industry experts. The deadline for initial responses from PRs is 1700 BST, Wednesday 6th June. I will then follow up with suggested leads to arrange interviews etc.

Please submit initial ideas to [email protected] with CW: Edge Data in the subject.