Upcoming commission: Computer Weekly article on cloud backup

For Computer Weekly magazine, I am writing an article on Cloud-to-Cloud backup.

This is aimed at a business to business audience.

The main areas the piece will cover are:

What is cloud-to-cloud backup?
How has cloud-to-cloud backup evolved?
What are the key features of cloud-to-cloud backup?
What are the benefits of cloud-to-cloud backup?
What are the limitations of cloud-to-cloud backup products? (I’m thinking some vendors may not support all clouds, may be directional in some way, may limit migration between cloud etc, where others may not)
What cloud-to-cloud backup products are available? (Vendor/product section)

This piece will be written as a guide. I am happy to receive factual background, research or commentary on the topic. Note, though, there won’t be quotes in the story.

Please send any initial responses to the above by 1700 GMT on Friday, 17th November. Please email journalism at stephenpritchard dot com.