Upcoming commission: WannaCry article

I am writing a news analysis on the WannaCry ransomware for Infosecurity Magazine.

There has been an unprecedented amount of press around WannaCry already, so we want to dig a little deeper. In particular we want to cover:
• How this attack happened (the technical details)
• The fundamental issues that have come to light as a consequence of the attack
• The blame game: How at fault was the NHS? What could they have done differently given budget constraints etc?
• The use of Bitcoin payment. How did this effect their ‘earnings’?
• What was the cost of the attack? How great was the fall-out?
• What did the attack say about our critical national infrastructure?

We are especially interested to hear from CSOs and CISOs, law enforcement and also from independent consultants and commentators. We use vendor quotes only sparingly.

Please contact me with a suggested spokesperson (name, job title, brief background) by 1700 London time, Tuesday 23 May. Interviews will be done that week. Many thanks!