Upcoming feature: Intrapreneurism – looking for expert input

For a microsite being developed by Virgin Media Business, I’m writing a feature on “intrapreneurism”.

We’ll look at intrapreneurism and the roll it plays in shaping successful, disruptive companies that thrive in the dynamic world of modern business.

We’ll set out to explain what intrapreneurism is and how it differs from entrepreneurism is, companies known to value it and how they’ve used it. We’ll offer advice for how a traditional firm can begin to use intrapreneurism as a means to create disruption, and experts on how to manage the process.

We’d love to speak to people with start-up experience who have moved in to a ‘conventional’ firm to use their skills, but this isn’t a story for start-ups per se. We’re also keen to hear from business advisers and academics, as well as business leaders who’ve hired people as an intrapreneur, or who plan to do so.

This will form part of a web series entitled “Four routes to being a disruptor”.

The copy deadline is quite soon, so any interviews will need to be completed by Thurs, 3 November. Background information, such as academic papers, is also welcome.

Again please contact me via the usual methods, no later than 0900 London time, Monday 31st.